50 States, 50 Pizzas – Arizona

Arizona was our next choice.   This was called a Salsiccia.  It is made on a thin, chewy crust (again the KitchenAid crust) loaded with melted slabs of mozzeralla and cheddar, grilled radicchio (yes, grilled radicchio) and spicy pork sausage.  On top, you drizzle with a slightly sweet saba which is a balsamic vinegar reduction (which is awesome!).

The radicchio I grilled on our gas grill.  Before grilling, I basted with olive oil, seasoned with kosher salt and pepper.  Kent had the patience to do the balsamic vinegar.  You have to watch this very carefully as it simmers on the stove and it takes time.  Not my style.  He does that kind of stuff just fine.

Here is a photo of a slice of this pizza.  This is my first food photo.  I can use all the tips you want to give me about taking photos!

End result, Kent and I enjoyed this one.  Kyle, once again did not enjoy so much.  Eric is a vegetarian so he did not try this.  Martin didn’t try this one.  I don’t think Rachel tried it either. If you didn’t figure it out the boys are our sons.  Rachel is Eric’s sweet girlfriend.  Honestly, a basic cheese pizza works for everyone and I always make that each Friday.  That way everyone enjoys the night adventurous or not.  C’est la vie!

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