50 States, 50 Pizzas – Maine

I am finally caught up on my States!  For this past Friday we chose Maine.  The restaurant is Otto Pizza, Portland ME.  The winner is a Mashed Potato pizza.  I made buttery mashed potatoes with bacon and scallions.  I topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  It was that simple.  Again most seemed to like this one.  Kyle did not try it.  He is just not the adventurous kind at all.  I made a NY style, sausage pizza for him.  For the vegetarian (Eric) I made a Chicago style, cheese pizza.  Kent,  Rachel, Jordan and myself tried the Mashed Potato pizza.   Kyle must have inherited my genes because I did not like this one at all.  The texture was too mushy and I miss a sauce. Kent, Rachel and Jordan enjoyed it and would like me to make it again.  Martin, Bogy  & I ended up joining Eric and enjoyed the Chicago style pizza.

mashed potato 007Mashed Potato Pizza!


So, enough with the potatoes.  Next week we decided we wanted to make Louisiana with the proper ingredients.  I do believe I will enjoy this one!  In the meantime I will post different recipes that I think you would enjoy.  I just spent most of my weekend in the kitchen and am ready to start the work week.  My friend Nicole will be getting Death by Chocolate cookies and some lasagna tomorrow.    At least her Monday will be tolerable!  Ciao!!

2 thoughts on “50 States, 50 Pizzas – Maine

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! Did you pre bake the crust for Maine? Nicole is one lucky chicklet. Hope she recognizes it and honors you appropriately! Ha Ha. I’m sure she’a lovely lady. You would not treat her so well otherwise. Enjoy your week.

  2. I did not pre bake the crust. When I made it this weekend I did it a little different. I used sour cream on the crust, topped with the mashed potato mixture, topped that with the cheese. I guess that would give it a baked potato flavor. Kent and Rachel really liked the sour cream. When I make this again sour cream as a “sauce”. Rachel wants more cheese next time though!

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