50 States, 50 Pizzas – Louisiana

Louisiana has the Pizzaletta from Cascio’s Market Bistro, Bossier City.  It is a pizza sandwich.  To make this tasty pizza sandwich it calls for muffaletta ingredients.  This would include Genoa salami, Black Forest Ham, olive salad and provolone you then add a second pizza crust and sprinkle it with mozzarella, provolone and crushed red pepper.  I thought this was a fun pizza to make.  I used a New York Pizza Dough recipe.  I made the olive salad the night before.  It is best for it to sit overnight in your fridge.  Both recipes will be added for you to try. If you would like to make this pizza you start by putting the olive salad all over the bottom crust, I then layered the salami and ham (I got the meat from the grocery deli), top with slices of provolone. PIzzaletta 004 You then put the second crust on top of those ingredients.  You top with shredded mozzarella, provolone and crushed red pepper.

PIzzaletta 007

The family results; Martin, Rachel and I enjoyed it the best.  Everyone else passed or thought it was too heavy with flavor.

PIzzaletta 014   I would do this again if I were having company so lots of people could enjoy!

I always make my pizza dough the night before.  I just put in the fridge and then take out a couple of hours before I make the pizzas.  It makes less work for me Friday night.  I also made the  olive salad Thursday night at midnight.  I really enjoyed whipping this up.  I searched online for a combination of olive salad recipes. I then take those recipes and make up a recipe of my own.

Funny story for Thursday (at least I think it is funny).  I was roasting a red pepper in my oven.  All of a sudden the smoke alarm starts loudly beeping and Scrappy starts barking, barking, barking.  I grab a chair to reach the alarm to turn it off.  I am too short to reach it!  Lily came to the rescue and gets it silenced.  All I could think of were Kent and Eric were upstairs sleeping and I have a crazy circus going on in the kitchen.  No one got up so I assumed they must have slept through it.  It was funny because Friday morning Kent wanted to know what I was cooking up to make the alarm go off and get Scrappy barking.   That dog always gives me away!  😉

3 thoughts on “50 States, 50 Pizzas – Louisiana

  1. Ohhhh, this sounds incredible! I LOVE Muffalettas (which is totally weird because I don’t really care for olives on their own, but adore them as a salad/spread on bread. Must be something about the oil and carb combo).

    Sounds like you totally out did yourself this week. I’m always so touched that you make the kids their favorites AND still have enough juice and enthusiasm to forge ahead with your own planned recipe.

    Pleased to hear that the processor dough was successful. I haven’t had the nerve to try any of your double crust creations thus far, but may have to get over myself and attempt this one. Sounds too good to let fear deter me.

    Your Thursday night adventure made me laugh, as it sounded like any given day in my own kitchen! My two “personal taste testers/floor cleaner uppers” position themselves in the most inconvenient locations in the kitchen (either in front of the sink, stove or fridge) while I’m attempting to cook or bake ANYTHING! Needless to say, they’ve contributed to many a near and full blown disaster as I’ve tried to maneuver around them. I certainly don’t need any assistance with kitchen nightmares….I do quite well all on my own! Most recently, I dropped an entire spice jar, I was attempting to put away into the wok I was frying Empanadas in. I squealed, the dogs jumped up and ran like the wind. All while my husband continued to watch tv

    • You really should try the food processor. I was a bit nervous about that too but it really makes an awesome crust!

      Scrappy also likes to be in my very small kitchen while I cook/bake. She likes to lay on my feet. I have near disasters on a daily basis! Oh, and my husband also is able to watch TV, without a doubt! 😀

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