Did you know…

Arugula also known as salad rocket is a nutritious leafy green vegetable considered an herb.  It has been grown in the Mediterranean area since Roman times and is considered an aphrodisiac. Popular in Italy and France arugula didn’t catch on in the U.S.or Britain until the 1990’s.  It has a bitter, peppery, mustard flavor.  Because it is so potent on its own it is usually mixed in a salad with milder greens to  add a balance taste.  You can add to your pasta, soup or topping for pizza.

Personally, I enjoy the flavor of arugula.  I don’t buy it often but when I do adding it to my salad is a nice change.  What about on a sandwich?

3 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. Love, Love, Love Arugula! So much in fact, I’ve been growing it for the past few years. It’s super hardy and really quite effortless – simply water and harvest! A window box or large mouth planter is all that’s required, no need to plant it in the ground. It doesn’t mind the colder weather, just protect it from frost and it will continue to produce well into late fall. I start mine from seedlings, rather than seed (I’m lazy like that) and for about $2, I can get what we call here in the south “gracious plenty”.

  2. My green thumb is very black. I have a hard time growing anything. I will give Arugula a try in the spring along with my basil attempt. Failed basil attempt this year. 😦 A planter will work for me!

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