50 States, 50 Pizzas – Georgia

This week I made 4 pizzas!  Again I used the New York Style pizza crust (in the food processor).  First I made a cheese pizza, then a sausage and Canadian bacon pizza, mashed potato pizza and finally the Yuppie pizza from Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, Savannah, GA.  Toppings for this pizza are, banana peppers (I had to use a yellow bell pepper – that is what I get for going to a grocery store I NEVER go to…now I know why!), artichoke hearts, spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, mushrooms and spicy Italian sausage.  I did a slight revision on this pizza.  To start I brushed the crust with olive oil mixed with garlic and rosemary.  I did this last minute and was happy with the final result.

Kyle, Eric and Rachel were too full from their pizza requests to try it.  Martin came later and brought his friend, Kenneth.  They both liked the Georgia pizza.  I am pretty sure Kenneth liked the mashed potato pizza much more!   Kent, Martin and I enjoyed the Yuppie pizza.  It was so flavorful with all the toppings.  The feta cheese I use is Valbreso Feta which is a french feta made from sheep’s milk. This feta has a bit more of a bite and added to that flavor. Personally, I thought all these flavors went really well together.  It was a yummy Yuppie pizza!
pizza friday 006Georgia Pizza

2 thoughts on “50 States, 50 Pizzas – Georgia

  1. You just nailed MY PERFECT PIZZA! Whenever I get to Athen’s Pizza in Atlanta (and don’t have to share or consider anyone else’s preferances) which isn’t nearly often enough, this is my order. The only tweak I make is to add red onions and black olives for the total indulgent package. My ABSOLUTE all time favorite, so it’s hilarious to me that it’s “Georgia” and even though I’d have to consider myself more “hippie” than “yuppie”, I’m ALL about and ALL over this one!!!! Georgeous, mouthwatering photos (I love the way the feta “peaks” turned that beautiful golden brown!) and once again…..Martin and I share a commonality 🙂

    P.S. I’m amazed (and somewhat envious) that you pulled off 4 pizzas this week! My God, you are SUPERWOMAN in that kitchen! Your peeps are one lucky (and spoiled) bunch. Cook on Girl, cook on! Much ❤ and mad RESPECT, once again!

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