Did you know…

Feta is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in Greece from sheep’s milk.  You can also find feta made with a mixture of sheep (at least 70%) and goat milk (30%).  Feta is a soft white brined cheese which is usually formed into blocks which are submerged in brine.  When it is removed from the brine it dries out very quickly.  It was initially made with sheep or goat’s milk however in modern times it has been mass produced with pasteurized cow”s milk.  Its flavor is tangy and salty, ranging from mild to sharp.  You can use feta in salads, on pizza, sandwiches and a spread for toast and many other ways.

A couple of other facts:

Feta is first recorded in the Byzantine Empire (330-1453 A.D.)

The Greek work Feta comes from the Italian word Fetta (slice).

I keep my feta cheese in a brine in the refrigerator.  It lasts longer being stored in the brine.

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