Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Pizza

We wanted to try something a little different.  Rachel chose the Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Pizza.  When making this pizza I went on Nutella’s website to see if they had any ideas.  I could not believe the Nutella recipes listed on this site!  I never thought you could do so much with Nutella.  Check it out;

The way I made this pizza was with a NY Thin Crust recipe.  Before putting the crust in the oven I basted with butter. I then baked the crust at 500 degrees for about 10-12 minutes.  When I took it out I let it cool for about 5 minutes.  I then spread the Nutella on the crust.  After spreading the Nutella I placed the bananas all over the pizza.  Rachel said she liked it.  I am not a fan of Nutella so it didn’t work for me.  The only other person who tried it was Kenneth.  He brought the rest of it home. Rachel gave the okay for him to take it.  I guess Kenneth was really the only one who enjoyed this pizza.  And he REALLY enjoyed it!

One thought on “Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Pizza

  1. I’m not a Nutella fan either, but it looks great for anyone who is (like my neighbor). Maybe this will be her Birthday “cake” with an added chocolate drizzle over the bananas!

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