Did you know…

Peanut oil is one of the healthiest oils.  It is a vegetable oil that is naturally trans fat free, cholesterol free and low in saturated fats.

Peanut oil is one of the world’s traditional deep frying oils because it can reach such a high temperature which keeps the outside of the food crispy and the inside moist.  Also, it does not absorb the flavor of other foods cooked in the oil.

I use peanut oil for stir frying, french fries, mekitsa and many other of my frying escapades!

3 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. Absolutely! I was turned on to Peanut Oil (approx 100 years ago) by mom, who ALWAYS used it for popping her (gourmet white hull less and black jewel) popcorn. (Microwave, say WHAT?? NOT!)

    My folks had a dear friend who would come and fry chicken every year for their Super Bowl party and he INSISTED on using peanut oil (keep in mind, this was the 70’s and the largest size available in CNY at the time was probably the 16 oz “Mr Peanut” bottle!) I still remember him taking the skins off (unheard of at the time) the split breasts and putting them into a brown paper grocery bag with seasoned flour and shaking the hell out of it until they were coated and then gently dropping them into the hot peanut oil. Our house smelled like fried chicken for days afterwards!

    We use it to deep fry our turkeys, (Welcome to the south, y’all) and I won’t use anything else for frying onion rings (but it sure has gotten pricey these days!).

    • I remember Barb looking forward to those Super Bowl parties. Now I know why! I have always wanted to try a deep fried turkey but I am not that adventurous. I will stay with the stove and oven for now. 😉

  2. Yeah, Barb (the party girl) would get pretty worked up about her Super Bowls.

    Deep fried turkey is sooo fast and easy! You do need some special equipment (not much), but it’s a breeze once you have it. One of the things I like best about it is that it frees up my oven (since sadly, I don’t have a double convection oven) for anything and everything else. All you really have to do is inject marinade into the bird, get the oil up to temp, lower that bad boy down into his “bath”, give your husband a lawn chair on the patio, a beer and strict instructions to “keep an eye” on it, set a timer and in (3-4 mins per lb) you’ve got the crispiest skinned, juiciest and tastiest turkey EVER!

    Even if you never actually cook one, I hope you’ll at least get a chance to taste one some day. YUM!

    A real Gourmet Redneck Feast 😀 LOL

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