50 States, 50 Pizzas – Hawaii

Hawaii was the State for this Pizza Friday.  To be honest the pizza that Food Network chose for Hawaii was something I knew our family would not eat.  I enjoy making these pizzas and I want to make pizzas at least one person will try.  The Hawaii pizza that I should have made had anchovies on it.  Even Kent said NO to that.

So, we did a pizza we have never eaten that Martin suggested as being “Hawaiian”.  We used barbecue sauce, topped with mozzarella, red onion, canadian bacon and pineapple chunks.  Martin enjoyed it and brought that home.  Kent thought is was ok but not a fan.  No one else tried it.

Of course I made a cheese pizza with parmesan crust for Eric, sausage and canadian bacon pizza for Kyle and a mashed potato pizza for Rachel.

Would I make the Hawaiian pizza again?  Yes, only if Martin asks me.

One thought on “50 States, 50 Pizzas – Hawaii

  1. I’m goning to have to agree with the majority on this one!
    Alan and I were just discussing this last Saturday night (our pizza night.) We decided that we were just too old to be able to hang (digest without discomfort and heartburn, pronounced “hotbun” here in the south) with tomatoes AND pineapple in one meal. We opted for our favorite Greek style veggie instead (and a good nights sleep was enjoyed by all).

    Martin (being decades younger and somewhat more adventurous) was one lucky recipient of an entire homemade artisan pie. Way to work it 😉

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