Home Baked Crackers

I was listening to “The Splendid Table” the other day.  This is an APM podcast I listen to every week.  It is a great food show.  They were talking about making food gifts for your family and friends.  One of the suggestions was to bake your own crackers.  I don’t give food as a gift.   So, no worries there!  But, I never would have thought of making crackers.

Since the Holidays are here cheese and crackers are always on the table.  I went to an cheese shop I frequent and  bought some artisan cheeses I thought Kent would enjoy.   Well what would go with some artisan cheeses?  How about some home baked crackers!

I tried a very simple recipe I found, where else…Google. There are a couple of more I am going to try. You can get this recipe by googling . Parmesan Cream Crackers It is from the NY Times.  I will be baking some more crackers and as I go along I will post the recipe for those.  All I can say is these were simple and delicious!  Everyone loved them in this house.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Home Baked Crackers

  1. You don’t bake food as gifts? I find that surprising! I would think food gifts from you would be VERY POPULAR! PS – if you ever want to start sending food as gifts, we will be your testers 🙂

    • For your gift I will send you Spritz Cookies so you can examine them to make with your Cookie Press. I will also send you some crackers. They are very delicious! Then your job is to post what you think. I would love your opinion! That would be fun! 🙂

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