50 States, 50 Pizzas – Indiana

We had our pizza night on New Years Eve.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I made 4 pizzas; cheese, veggie, sausage and the Indiana pizza called “The Purple Pig”.  This was a pulled pork sandwich on a pizza crust.  I started by topping the crust with garlic and olive oil, 5 cheeses, pulled pork that I mixed with barbecue sauce and purple cabbage slaw.

Kent baked the pulled pork that morning.  The night before I made a rub he put on the pork shoulder (you can use pork butt too).  We put it in the fridge overnight.  Sometimes I use rub and sometimes I don’t.  (I will put the rub recipe under my “Recipes”)  Kent really likes pulled pork sandwiches so we go through this routine a few times a year.  I also put the pork with very simple seasoning of salt and pepper in the crock pot when I leave for work and it is ready when I get home.

The Purple Cabbage Slaw was simple.  I sliced a red cabbage into thin slices, shredded 2 carrots (about 1 cup).  I mixed the cabbage and carrots with 2-3 Tablespoons Marzetti’s Slaw Dressing. Not too much, a little goes a long way. (Sometimes I am lazy and don’t use the carrots.)

Pizza night Kent's Birthday 008
Kent and Martin loved it.  I thought it could have used more meat and barbecue sauce. Kent and Martin disagreed. They both want me to make this one again.  Pam and Tom (friends over for New Year’s) thought it was good but would prefer a sandwich.      This pizza is a hit in our house.  Since I first made it we have made it several more times.  It is very popular with everyone!!008

3 thoughts on “50 States, 50 Pizzas – Indiana

  1. You had me at Marzetti’s!!! NOTHING compares and you simply CANNOT go wrong (unless one uses too heavy a hand) with it. I’m curious, what kind of BBQ sauce did you use? Homemade or some favorite of yours? We’ve made the rounds of BBQ spots down here and have (after many, many adventures) finally found a favorite “shack” that never disappoints AND sells their sauce by the bottle! Do y’all prefer Memphis or Carolina style (that is to say, tomato or mustard/vinegar)? This is a VERY serious subject of discussion down here!

    • I used Famous Dave’s which is popular in Wisconsin. It is a tomato based BBQ sauce. I would love to try a mustard/vinegar style. I guess I will have to “google” a recipe and check that out. I know BBQ is a big deal in the south, in the midwest…I am thinking not so much. We have to make it our own big deal! Oh, oh maybe I will start that big deal with my comment. :O

  2. I’ve actually used Famous Dave’s Dry Rub but haven’t seen the sauce, probably not enough shelf space down here with all the “friendly southern competition” we’ve got going on.

    Be sure to Google EAST Carolina BBQ sauce! Believe me, there’s a huge difference between East and West and the mustard/vinegar variety is EAST. “Carolina Treet” is a pretty authentic commercially bottled variety. Their “Old South Carolina Style” is a tangy mix of: mustard, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, onion, hot sauce, molasses, pineapple juice, worcestershire, soy sauce, paprika, etc. But I’m sure you can find something to whip up that’ll suit your taste. Good luck!

    You know what “they” say……..go BIG or go home!

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