50 States, 50 Pizzas – Ohio

Our pizza this week was from Bar Centro in Cleveland OH called the Sunnyside Pizza.  I used the New York Pizza Dough recipe for this one.  I started by brushing on melted butter, added slices of provolone cheese, topped cheese with pancetta (I bet you could use bacon), cracked an egg in middle of pancetta, then finished by adding parsley.  When I took it out of the oven I added black pepper.  Don’t forget the black pepper!

Kent helped me with this one.  He suggested I make the pancetta so that it was like a bowl.  That way the eggs would stay in place.  I ended up using 2-3 slices of pancetta and formed a bowl.  (Pancetta is a very thinly sliced Italian bacon.)  I then cracked the egg into the pancetta “bowl”. I think you can see by looking at the photo how we did that, right?

Kent, Martin, Jordan and myself tried this one.  We liked it.  Kyle is not a fan of eggs.  He had his usual sausage pizza.  Eric & Rachel had the vegi pizza. Martin also enjoyed the vegi pizza.  I made half with mushrooms for Rachel.  Martin also really likes mushrooms so he had 2 pieces of that before the Ohio Pizza.

We enjoyed the OH pizza.  This would be a great breakfast pizza.  Kent did say as far as leftovers, not so great.  This one needs to be eaten freshly made.  Not as delicious the next day.  This one is a winner and we will be making this for breakfast (or dinner) very soon.  🙂


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