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pizza friday 119Are you married?  Maybe not. Do you have someone you have been with and committed yourself to for many years? Probably.  My parents have been married for 63 years.  That is a very long time.

I remember one day they had such a big argument, my dad slammed the door so hard the glass in the window broke.  But you know what…he came back.   There were other times like that too.  They always came back together.  My dad was a hot head (the Italian temper), my mom was very sensitive and defensive (must have been the Scot in her).  It worked well together.

They had many wonderful and not so wonderful times together.  That is what a relationship is all about.  You take the good with the bad, the pretty with the ugly, the happy with the sad and make it work.  That is what my parents did with their life.  That is what they taught me.

As the sun has been setting on their  years together my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  My mom has had many medical issues and is now on kidney dialysis 3 times a week. They live together in an assisted living apartment.  Tight quarters but mom deals with it well.  🙂

I love this picture because it shows, as life goes on,  if you are patient, forgiving, loving and many more things AND if you are very, very lucky, you end up with the one you love.  You make it work, you stick it out and you suck it up.  That way you are with someone who knows you well enough that they can dish out whatever you can shove at them and you can do the same.

Patience is a virtue.  Learn to except people warts and all.  Laugh when the going gets tough because it will get tougher.  Best of all, LOVE the one your with!

One thought on “Random Stuff

  1. That was really nice. All relationships have their better and more challenging moments but thanks to seeing how they handled it I know they have made me a better son, brother, and husband. Definitely have learned a lot from Mom and Dad. Like the picture and if you can send me the file.

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