Pizza Friday – Clam Pizza?!

We have had many pizza nights since this post.  I really don’t want to bore the average american with my food blog about my family.  We really do love to be together and I dread the day these wonderful times will end.  I think the only people that read this blog are myself and maybe my long, lost, awesome friend Jill.  However, it gives me great pleasure to share with the occasional drifter who may pop into my blog, my crazy recipes (and not so crazy) and family (which is more crazy than you will ever know) stuff!

Needless to say, tonight we had cheese pizza, sausage pizza, supreme pizza with many pepper varieties and for Martin a CLAM Pizza.  He has been asking for at least 3 years for a clam pizza.  I decided to cave in since I thought Rachel would at least have one piece and give him his wish.  Mind you, none of my children even look at this blog (which I can understand since they are there with me experiencing the insanity).  However, while listening to Amy Winehouse I will post my pizza recipes.  🙂

The clam pizza was specifically what Martin wanted and actually he put it together when he came over tonight.  He had memories of a clam pizza ?! when he was a young child in Sofia, Bulgaria.  We tried to find an idea going online for him to see if we could find a recipe/menu idea pf his experience as a young child.  We did not succeed.  This is what we/he came up with.  We had an olive oil with minced garlic base, topped with clams (sadly, I used canned clams).  I wanted to be sure this was a pizza people would enjoy.  Clams in Green Bay are expensive and I am really not sure if they are any better than canned clams.  Next time, we will see.  After the clams, we put some green pepper, onion, a bit of fresh rosemary, mozzarella, and delicious feta cheese.  Martin loved it and took the rest home.  Rachel was not impressed. No one else tried this one. I guess we are WIMPS!

The pizza supreme I made was quite delicious.  We had pizza sauce, sausage, roasted red peppers, green peppers, banana peppers, red, yellow orange peppers, vidalia onions, capers, sliced black olives, parmesan cheese and mozzarella.  This was incredibly flavorful and delicious.  By the way, I made a parmesan pizza crust for this pizza.

As always, we had an enjoyable Friday.  Sooner or later they will disappear.  For now, I am very thankful for every day I have my family in my life.  They mean everything to me.  And I do believe, I mean a hell of a lot to them!   Thank you for popping in!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Pizza Friday – Clam Pizza?!

  1. Syracuse not Siracusa.- now back to being afraid to drift in and out of recipes. But glad your Family time goes so well! You are an AWESOME – Chef, Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, and lets not forget Sister!

    • Fridays are a day we all enjoy in this house. I am looking forward to a Friday in September with you and Kathleen. (I know what you are thinking right now. When you see it you will believe it!)

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