Caputo Tipo 00 Flour – I found it in Milwaukee!!

**UPDATE – 3/13/17 – I can get OO Flour in Green Bay now.  I get in on occasion.  I still make pizza every Friday but I tend to make 2 doughs, one with bread flour and one with all purpose.  An occasional Milwaukee trip but not as often as we used to do.**

This weekend Martin and I took a drive to Milwaukee.  We had a great time as always.  I have been wanting to go to an Italian market called Glorioso’s on Brady St.  I was hoping they had Caputo Tipo 00 Flour.  I have been trying to find this flour since I started our pizza nights. This is an Italian flour which is very high in protein.  This flour is meant to be able to stretch without breaking.  The perfect pizza flour.  Well, Glorioso’s had it and I was soooo happy!!

We continued our shopping on the north side then ventured back to Green Bay.  When I got back home I just had to make a pizza!!  The dough turned out fabulous.  It stretched without getting any holes and baked perfectly. I plan on trying different pizza dough recipes and when I think I have it right I will post for you.  All I know is we will be making regular trips to Milwaukee to get this flour for our pizza nights.

On a random note; do you ever think these are the happiest days of your life?  I do. Every day (well almost) 😉 but especially on Fridays.  I am a very lucky lady!!

Speaking of pizza nights,for pizzas they have been pretty uneventful.  I definitely make pizzas but keeping it simple with cheese, a meat pizza, veggie pizza and an occasional State pizza from prior pizza nights.  If anyone has some ideas for different pizzas please post.  I would love to try some different ideas.   Keeping things SIMPLE and DELICIOUS!! Ciao!!

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