Failed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tonight I wanted to bake some chocolate chip cookies for work tomorrow.  It has been a rough week and it is only Tuesday!!  Well, as I was making the batter I was chit chatting with Eric.  I thought I put all the ingredients in the bowl.  I guess I was a little distracted.  🙂  When the batter was done mixing it did not seem to have the right consistency.  I thought about it, tasted it, and decided I forgot to add the white sugar.  So, I added 3/4 cup of white sugar and mixed it in to the batter.   That seemed to be okay.

Well, I put the cookies in the oven and baked as usual.  I ended up with a flat, crispy cookie.  Not my usual puffy, chewy chocolate chip cookie.  I suppose they are acceptable.  Eric thought they were delicious.  I told him I was passing on bringing them to work and he was okay with that!!This is Eric being goofy on a Friday evening.  I had to put this pic somewhere.  It cracks me up!   😀

I tasted one of these failed cookies and it brought me back to when I was little girl.  My mother used to take me grocery shopping with her every Saturday.    (I even loved grocery stores when I was little.)  The store we liked the most was William’s.  She used to work there so she knew many of the employees and it was nice having people say hi to us and tell mom how cute I was!  😉  

We would start in the produce department and make our way to the bakery.  She always let me have the choice of a doughnut or cookie while we were shopping.  Many times I would choose a chocolate chip cookie.  The failed cookies I made tonight brought me back to a very wonderful time in my life.  I loved going grocery shopping with my mom when I was little.  I always enjoyed having my time with her all by myself.  She worked second shift at Bristol Labs when I was younger and I didn’t see her as much as I wanted to.  Just being with her meant so much to me (still does).

So, tonight that failed chocolate chip cookie was well worth it.  I will definitely be adding an extra 3/4 cup of white sugar to an occasional batch  of chocolate chip cookies.  That way, I can remember those wonderful Saturdays long ago!

4 thoughts on “Failed Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. one of my favorite times too and I would get a slice of pizza, forgot about the cookies and half moons.

  2. OMG! Always a slice at Williams. Loved going there as a young girl. It was so worldly for a small town girl from Mexico. Didn’t make it weekly, but my mom and I would go about once a month until I was well into my teens.

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