Denver Trip

I went to Denver to see Scott (brother that cracks me up) and Kathleen (fabulous sister in law).  I went by myself; no hubby, no kids, no Scrappy…just me.  We had a blast.  So much fun and it was a great break.  I absolutely love my life but it is always nice to get away (and then come home).  😉  We did quite a bit in the 3 full days I was visiting.  The first night we went to a top 10 rated Italian restaurant in Boulder.  The details of that most awesome evening will be posted at a later date.

Tonight I want to share with you a really fun Friday we  had at Teller Street Gallery & Studio.  This studio is located in Wheat Ridge.  They have “Painting and Vino” classes.  David was our art teacher for this evening.  This is pretty much what the title reflects; you paint and drink wine.  This evening made me realize I actually could be creative.  (I am going to get myself a canvas and some acrylic paint!)  David was a great teacher and artist. ( Scott and Kathleen bought one of his paintings for their new home.)  Painting was very relaxing and a lot of fun.  The wine was nice but the company and the painting was what I enjoyed most.

You start by checking out the picture you are going to paint that evening;    I thought there is NO WAY I was going to be able to paint that picture.  Impossible!   I was so nervous when we first got there and I saw the painting.  To get started they give you a 16×20 canvas, brushes and some acrylic paints on a paper plate.  Then I really got jittery!

This is how we began;  then this;  keep going;   one more time;  .   I thought you would like to see the progression.  After the color blocks I stopped taking pics because I had to concentrate!  At this point I thought I would give up.  I didn’t think I could make it look any better than the color blocks.  I went for another glass of wine and picked up that paint brush.  Scott and Kathleen had done a class like this before so they had one up on me.  😉

Here are all of our paintings; Scott looking like his crazy self (paintings in this order from left to right, Scott, mine and Kathleen’s)  and then Kathleen and Scott with David and owner. 

As I flew back home I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my painting.  Martin is the painter in our family.  Almost every room in our home has Martin’s paintings hanging, including my beautiful kitchen wall and my sky wall in our family room.  Well, this weekend Martin’s paintings were taken to Milwaukee for his first gallery showing.  His paintings will be at My Dwelling, 316 N. Milwaukee St. (third ward)  for “Gallery Night”.  Many art galleries in the third ward will be open to the public. If you live in Milwaukee, visit Martin, October 19th, 5pm-9pm.

Back to me.  🙂  Now my walls are bare!  I thought while my walls are naked I would hang my painting in my favorite room… the kitchen!

 Now this was Simple and the wine was Delicious.  Ciao!!

3 thoughts on “Denver Trip

  1. How fun!! We have a similar thing once a month at a nearby bar, “Canvas & Cocktails”…’s such a BLAST and I’ve actually come away with some “pretty” decent work…..considering the somewhat sloshed source ;D

    • This was so much fun!! I need to find something like that around here. I mentioned it to the kids last night and they said their age group would not like something like that. Here I go again, guess I am getting old! 😦 Or…they are! 🙂

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