Friday Pizza Night – Happy Birthday to ME!

Friday was my birthday.  I am not telling you my age since that is a woman’s perogative! 😉  I came home to a table full of colorful bags and tissue paper.  The colors alone put a smile on my face.  The kids did a great job with my favorite things; Bath and Body Works and my addiction to colorful bowls and plates.  My husband got home a little after I walked in the door.  He gave me a gift bag and to my surprise (or not) was…

Yeah, a side mirror for my van.  I think I bust a mirror every other year on this vehicle.  I told Kent I guess I am getting old. 😦  He said it is because I always am doing two things at one time.  I guess that was his way of saying pay attention!  Honestly though, I am pretty bad at backing up.  However, I did just turn on John Legend and was enjoying his tune checking my lip gloss and backing up.  So, this time he may be right.  Don’t tell him though!!

He also got me another iPod.  Yep, I lost my iPod when I was coming home from Denver.  I had it on the flight from Denver to Minneapolis.  Somehow after I listened to Amy Winehouse and set it in my purse, that iPod got up and walked away.  I think this is my…4th iPod.  I lose things too.  Believe me it is not an age thing, it is a Dawn thing.  🙂

If you got this far on this posting congratulations.  My life is really not that exciting.  I just wanted to let you know we had our usual Friday night with pizzas and ribs.  Our different pizza was meatloaf, meatball pizza.  We all enjoyed this one.  I made meatloaf the night before which was quite tasty and made some of those into little meatballs.  We thinly sliced those meatballs and put them on the pizza using pizza sauce and mozzarella. (I need to get a little more creative with cheese toppings.)  Sorry no pictures of that this time.

I guess I wanted to blog about my birthday this time.  My most special gift is in my life every, single day.  I see them happy, sad, angry, goofy, serious and larger than life.  Bottomline; all I need is their presence.  Best thing in life are the SIMPLE things and yes…that cake was DELICIOUS!

4 thoughts on “Friday Pizza Night – Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Happy Birthday Dawn! It sounds like you had a great day. You and your family are beautiful people! You are blessed to be surrounded by them. Wishing you all of the best in your upcoming year!!! Tina

  2. Happy Birthday Sis! Glad you had a great birthday – you deserve it! Great pic of the family everyone looking good!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lucky Girl. Glad to see that you’re adhearing to at least 3 of the four F’s…….Food, Family, Fun (use the fourth “F” as you will) required for an excellent party! Love Kent’s practical “gag” gift of the mirror. Love even more that you were surrounded by all your beloveds! I’m simultaneously jealous and in awe of your wealth ;D

    ps meatball pizza……..GENIUS!!!

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