Steak Pizza

Was listening to some podcasts today and realizing there are lots of pizza lovers out there. I heard about a restaurant in Brooklyn called Pete Zaaz.  This restaurant owner uses a Cheez Its topping for some of their pizzas.  I didn’t want to use Cheez Its today but I had some shaved rib eye steak in the freezer!  I thought it would be nice to have a steak pizza.

I fried the thin slices of rib eye, seasoning them with salt, pepper and Monteray Seasoning.  I sliced a green pepper and a sweet onion.  I used olive oil and garlic for the base of the pizza, added seasoned steak, gouda cheese, peppers and onions, topped with Monteray Steak seasoning.  Baked at 500 degress for 15 minutes.  That was it.  Kent and Kyle loved it. Paige and I were ok with it.

Steak Pizza

steak pizza 004Simple and Delicious!!

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