Espresso Balsamic Vinegar

Lily and I went to the Olive Cellar Saturday.  The Olive Cellar is a specialty store in Appleton WI that sells olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  This is a very fun store.  You need to check it out!   I ended up getting their Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Espresso Balsamic Vinegar and Andes Mineral Salt.  029There are many uses for balsamic vinegar. I happen to use it for salad dressings and marinades.

Did I ever think of using it for a topping for ice cream???  Not really.  The salesperson at The Olive Cellar recommended it.  I figured why not?!  I  topped Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Ice Cream with Espresso Balsamic Vinegar. ben and jerrys 006Well, this couldn’t be simpler or more delicious.  I will definitely start using Balsamic Vinegar with my desserts.  Give it a try!

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