Cork and Canvas

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Remember Denver Part I.  (I still have not put in Part II!)  If you don’t, you may want to check it out.  What a blast I had with Scott and Kathleen!

Cork and Canvas is similar to what I did in Denver.  When I returned from Denver in October, I contacted The Art Garage in Green Bay to see if they had anything like the “Painting & Vino” class I attended.  They did not.  The Art Garage had a meeting and ended up scheduling a “Cork & Canvas” evening.  Katie and I attended the event tonight.  I had some other friends join the event.  Tina and Pam came with some of their friends.  It was a little different than the one I attended in Denver but still a fun evening.  The way they did it was to give everyone a template to paint over.  It was really amazing to see how a black and white template art day 001 could transform into so may different, colorful images by all who attended.

The drawing they presented had a main attraction which was a human heart,  a bird, and the words ‘love” and “forever”.  A few people found the human heart to be stumbling block.  Not sure what to do with it.  The nice thing about art is no matter what you are given you can turn it into whatever your “art” may be.  No worries there! 😉

Katie and I had a great time.  She enjoyed mixing paint colors and making all different kinds of fabulous colors! I started with a green background.  art day 003  Katie went with more colorsart day 005(Like I said she was definitely enjoying mixing up colors.)

When Eric moved out I turned his room into my “green” room. Therefore, I went with a green theme this evening.  The canvas we had to paint this evening was a bit smaller (10×10).  I will be able to  fill a small place on my wall.  The painting I made in Denver March 17 2013 221 was a tad larger (16×20) and will eventually make it on a wall.  Hanging out on the floor for now.  🙂

I really enjoy bringing out the very tiny artist in me.  art day 004 It makes me feel like I actually have purpose art day 006 You start with nothing (or a black and white template) and end up with your very own piece of art.  art day 009  It was hard for me to stop painting tonight but I finally decided to put the brush down.  art day 011

I loved how everyone came up with such different ideas for their template.  Katie art day 012 and Tina art day 010 had the same canvas.  Just check out their masterpieces! 😀

Looking forward to the next time!  I am not sure I will wait until the next Cork and Canvas.  Maybe I will try this painting thing on my own.  😉  What about YOU?

3 thoughts on “Cork and Canvas

  1. It was a fun evening! I loved seeing how different everyone’s ended up being. So much creativity in one room! Thanks Dawn for bringing this idea to Green Bay!!! Tina

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