Pay Attention to Details

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I love to bake. (In case you couldn’t figure that out.)  Measuring cups and measuring spoons are really important to me in my kitchen.  I am very particular about both of those utensils.  Especially my measuring cups.  I like stainless steel, rounded, like a tea cup, measuring cups.  Measuring spoons I like the same way but also enjoy the new, fun spoons they have out there.

When I was in Denver in October, Kathleen , Scott and I went to  a couple of very cool kitchen stores.  When we were in one place called Sur La Table I saw the perfect measuring cups.  Kathleen tried to get me to buy them for myself but I was not having that.  It seems I don’t have a problem buying stuff for others but when it comes to me, evening measuring cups go to the back burner!

Fast forward to today.  I received a box in the mail.  It isn’t my birthday, not Christmas or any other holiday.  It was from a very special person in Denver.  In that box were those measuring cups and owl (I also love owls) measuring spoons.  For her to remember that day and those silly measuring cups means a lot to me.

I will be seeing Kathleen and Scott in Syracuse in a couple of weeks.  I must bring a simple and delicious gift made with my new measuring cups and spoons!  Hope I pay enough attention to details to make the perfect surprise!   😀

3 thoughts on “Pay Attention to Details

  1. Those are terrific measuring cups! (And a really cute picture too). I love that you got them in the mail along with the oh so cute measuring spoons. Yay! I love surprises like that.

    I’m intrigued that you got to visit Sur La Table. Out of nowhere, they just started sending me emails. I’ll pay more attention to them now 🙂

    Happy weekend!

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