Graduation Day – A New Beginning

My first born graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay last Saturday.  Graduated with an Animal Biology major – Magna Cum Laude!  We are very proud parents of this wonderful person that is our child.  I can remember when he was born as if it were yesterday. If you have children I am sure you remember too.  All the plans you had for that child.  The number one plan on my mind for all my children was I wanted them to be happy. To be content with who you are as a person.   If you are happy and content with yourself in life you are very fortunate.  That content feeling spreads to others you meet.  That makes the inner circle in your life incredibly special.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Today is a “New Beginning.”

All the week before graduation and even the morning of, I really didn’t think anything of this special day.  I knew we were going to a graduation ceremony but that was all I thought about it.  When we got there and I was in my seat, Kent to my left and Paige to my right.  The procession of the students to their seats.  I saw her (yes,her) smiling, beaming, proud to be there, going to her seat.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  That “aha” moment.  It was very hard to keep back the tears.  I don’t think I ever saw her that happy and confident, EVER.

When she started college she finally told me (I think I knew we were going to have this conversation someday) she was not in the body she should have been born with.  She was not “he”.  She was never happy in “his” body.  Until today, I really didn’t get it.  That beaming face in the procession to her seat, still beaming to get her diploma and even more beaming when she saw us at the end of the ceremony.  Beaming for pictures – NEVER did that happen before either!

Graduation Day 2013 014

During the ceremony there was one speaker who gave a great speech.  She was an older graduating student (my age older).  She had children and grandchildren. Her speech was quite inspiring.  One quote she referred to that stuck with me all day was;

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

I walked away from that graduation realizing this is Lily Elizabeth Scullion’s new beginning.  Her life as she wants to live it to be happy.  She will have obstacles, in her life, as we all do.  Those obstacles are going to be many and sometimes very hurtful but in the end she will be stronger.  I have to be honest that I have struggled with this, but after last weekend I know I will also become stronger along with Lily.  I love her very much and will ALWAYS be there for her.  Here’s to a NEW BEGINNING!  

2 thoughts on “Graduation Day – A New Beginning

  1. What a proud Mom! Lily is awesome! What a great start to a new beginning! She will have her battles but family will always be there for her. Love you guys Uncle Scott

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