No Photos Just Memories

Traveling back home from a quick trip to Syracuse. Eric and Rachel came with us this time. Eric hasn’t been back for a couple of years. I just realized 300 miles into our trip back to Green Bay that we didn’t take any photos!

It was a tough trip especially for Kent. His dad is very ill and he spent all his time with his parents. They had lots to discuss. No photos there either.

It got me thinking about photos. Do you really need them? I can think of a few moments when we were in Syracuse where my memory sparks its own “photo”. Here are a couple (I will write them down so I don’t forget!);

My moms favorite place to go for lunch is The Olive Garden. Dad didn’t want to go. Eric, Rachel, Mom and I went there on Friday for lunch. Mom was so happy to be with Eric. Her face was beaming. We had a great meal and wonderful conversation.

On Saturday we were at Tony and Becky’s (my brother and sister in law) for lunch with my parents. They have a nice pool. It was really hot out and Eric and Rachel went swimming. My dad, who has Alzheimer’s, sat on the deck and enjoyed watching those two swim around. I was sitting with him keeping him company. He seemed so content. He doesn’t talk much anymore. (He used to talk and yell a lot. 😉 You don’t know what you’re missing until it is gone.). He ended up turning to me and he said “those two seem to really like each other. So, when are they getting married?” It was a pleasant surprise to me that he still had that thought process!

Kent and I went out with Lisa and Mike (his sister and brother in law) on Friday. We had some serious discussions but were able to close the evening on a lighter note. We had an enjoyable time walking around armory square, having a few cocktails and dinner. We haven’t done that in years (too many) and it was nice to connect again.

We ended our trip with dinner at Kent’s parents. Lisa, Mike and their kids were there. Bill (Kent’s dad) was quiet. My memory of Bill is and will always be that he is kind, smart (he knows everything!), a man of few words yet many and a loving person. That memory will always be there for me because his son is just like him. I guess I am fortunate for that.

We are a third of the way home. Still no photos. I think I will keep it that way for now.

5 thoughts on “No Photos Just Memories

      • You did a great job here! The more I think of your post today, the more I love it. I think I need to try harder, and not use so many photos to speak, if that makes sense. It’s so fun to read things like this!

  1. Once again, an excellent recounting, reflecting who you truly are! Makes me miss you even more!! No photos required… live in my mind’s eye 😉 and my heart ❤

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