I crack myself up!

Here is a first world problem that I have been dealing with for about 6 months.  Whenever anyone tries to call me on my cell phone it automatically will go into voice mail.  In order for me to get the call you would have to immediately call me a second time.  I know this because Martin has been dealing with it for 6 months too.  He keeps telling me to fix my phone.  I am great at procrastinating and telling him I will take care of it (I promise), and then I forget and you know how that goes.

I Googled my first world problem to see if anyone else was having the same issue with their iPhone.  It appeared other people had the same problems.  They were also unable to fix it.  That was about as far as I got into attempting to fix my phone.

One day Martin2 tried logic on me and said I really need to fix my phone.  If there was an emergency and the hospital tried to call me, that person would not know to call me right back.   So after that lecture I made an attempt to get my phone fixed.  I called Verizon’s customer service.  The lady went through all kinds of tests.  In the end my phone seemed to work, at least for her, and that was that.  I called Martin to have him call me.  Well, needless to say it did NOT work.  Ugh, I will call back another day.

So, weeks go by and Martin is like MOM FIX YOUR PHONE!!  His nagging got me to stop into the Verizon store today.  I explained my dilemma to the nice Verizon guy.  He immediately looks at my phone.  He asked me if I noticed the “moon”.  I said “Oh yeah, that has been there a long time.  I didn’t know why but I just figured it meant it wasn’t anything important.”  He smiled and pressed some buttons and said with a smile “It was on Do Not Disturb.  That is what the moon means!”  HaHaHa, that cracked me up!

My mom calls me (with love mind you) ditzy, scatterbrained and an airhead.  If I didn’t have to scream into the phone to talk to her I would tell her this story. It would crack her up too!! I guess I will save it for the next time I visit or maybe I will print this out and show her.

Oh, and if you are having that problem (as all those people on Google).  See, if you have a “moon” in the upper right hand corner of your phone.  Go to settings and turn off Do Not Disturb! 😀

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