Happy Anniversary

Today, June 28, 2014,  is our 28th wedding anniversary.  Kent and I met in 1982.   I eyed this young, bearded stranger at 1am on a Saturday night in early February.  Since that day we have been together. We moved in together and have never looked back.  23 years young and in love.  What a fabulous way to start a life. (I  took my first plane flight to Los Angeles to meet him for a business trip.  I was petrified.  He was there to meet me at LAX and that was all that mattered.  I remember that as if it were yesterday.)  We had many more first times of doing things together.  How awesome is that?!

Our first apartment together was me moving in to this condo he was renting.  Our next apartment was a dive in Baldwinsville, NY.  It was wonderful.  We then ended up moving into another apartment in Baldwinsville.  I consider this apartment our first, official home. It was a beautiful old house that was split into 2 apartments.  It had such character.

Then we got married!  Our wedding day was quite a memorable day.  Married by a Justice of the Peace, outside on a beautiful, sunny, warm day.  Fantastic party after our wedding, off to Jamaica the next day with Kent’s sister and her husband.  What a blast!

We moved into our new home.  We had our kids there and then moved into another wonderful home in Cicero, NY. Next best days of my life were having our children.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever want kids.  I sure was wrong about that.  Wish I had more that is for sure.

Next move was Green Bay WI.  Added another child to our family. I guess you get what you wish for sometimes!

3 kids and the addition of my kids significant others and 2 dogs later (Scrappy was with us 12 years, Rooney is 1 year old).  How fabulous is that!!

We are still alive and well.  He has put up with all of me.  I am quite the handful.  We have had our ups and downs.  Don’t we all!  As long as you allow the one you love to be who they need to be and they do the same for you it will all work out.  It’s not that hard.

Happy Anniversary, Darlin’!!  june 2014 007Hope to have 28 more (as long was we are still standing)!! 😉

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