Punch – Too Simple and Delicious

Brenda is getting married in October.  We had a bridal shower at work for her.  Tons of food; Chester’s fried chicken and potato wedges, baked beans, veggie tray, caramel apple dessert, cake (of course), punch with a touch of presents. If I am forgetting something, I hope I am forgiven!  I brought the makings for punch.  It was too simple and awesomely delicious.  No pics but when I make it at home I will post.

Congratulations, Brenda!!  Looking forward to our office bachlorette party!!  Check out the awesome group of ladies I work with!!

Incredibly Simple Punch

1 pint raspberry sorbet (I bought Haagen Dazs – need I say more)
1 – 2 litre bottle Sprite

I made ice from the Sprite.  Chris from work suggested I use a bundt cake pan to make ice from the Sprite.  By the time I thought of making the ice it was midnight.  I ran in the basement looking for something I could use to make ice. I found my donut pan. I used that to make ice for the punch.  What a great idea! Thanks Chris!!

In a large bowl or punch bowl (ideally) add the sorbet and 1 bottle of Sprite, mix together, add ice (or not) and serve. AWESOME!

Told ya, could that be any easier.  Again, a simple and delicious treat.  Enjoy!!

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