Tradition in the Kitchen – Random Stuff

I have been thinking a lot lately about our family “tradition in the kitchen”.  I have been going over my blog checking all the recipes I have done since I started in October 2011.  One of my first “Random Stuff” entries was about Eric and the gifts he had been giving me over a one year period related to pizza.  Here is that entry from January 3, 2012;

For Christmas last year (that would be 2010)Eric’s gift to me was a pizza peel.  When I got it I wasn’t sure when I would use it.  I discovered this great kitchen tool about 2 months ago when I started my pizza challenge.  I use it ALL the time.  Then for my birthday this year Eric got me this fabulous Emile Henry pizza stone and a pizza rocker.  (I see a theme here!)  I use each of these great kitchen tools every time I make pizza.  As you know that is every single week.  So, if you are serious (or not) about pizza here are a few of my great gifts.  Thanks, Eric!  🙂


december 005


Zipping forward to 2014, who would have thought that taking on a 50 State, 50 Pizza challenge would turn into such a family tradition.  Those gifts kept me going and going with pizzas.  We have had pizza almost every Friday since October 2011.  We tried changing it up every now and then and that was fun but we always go back to pizza.  Every Friday I use that pizza peel, Emile Henry pizza stone and pizza rocker.  Every Friday Eric is the first to arrive joining Kent and I in our discussion about our week, current events and all kinds of crazy conversation.

I never say much about Eric because he is a private person. I think he should know that the pizza peel was the stepping block into a wonderful journey, every Friday with all of us talking, laughing, sometimes not so laughing, enjoying, sometimes maybe not so enjoying but in the end being there for each other.  Always there for each other.  That is our Pizza Fridays and our “tradition in the kitchen”.


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