The Year of the Cookbook

The Year of the Cookbook

I sit in my woman cave (just my upstairs room) alone, well maybe not alone, I have my dog hanging with me. It is a couple of weeks before Christmas and I think about gifts for that special day. I have so many ideas on my mind that I could give. I can give money, video games, clothes, books, gift cards, the list could go on and on. This year I want to do something different. So, I think… I love to cook for my family. They love me to cook for them. How about a cookbook! I have a food blog. This is easy, right?

I start by printing out recipes I know they will love. You just know, no doubts. Then I send a text to all of them and ask for three different meals and one exceptionally delicious sweet that they love. I tell them this is for our Christmas Eve menu. (Aren’t I sneaky?) Then I print out those recipes from my blog. I had to add one – Eric’s favorite Chicken Wing recipe. Only one, not too shabby! I then print out these recipes and a few more I knew they enjoyed.

Next was to decide what to put the recipes in; a folder, a binder, a I DON’T KNOW!!! I ended up picking up binders. I chose binders as close to their favorite colors as I could find. Picked up dividers and sheet protectors. The sheet protectors would keep the recipes from tearing and getting dirty, if they actually use them. Hey, that’s reality!

Next, how to make it personal and a little special. Well, I am a Post It crazy person. I put everything I need to remember on Post It’s. As I complete the task I rip them off and throw them away. I even have a Post It app on my phone. Actually, it is called Sticky Notes. It works just the same. The kids know this is my reminder method. That is just what I do!

So, I print out the recipes, some foodie quotes december 012and placed in sheet protectors, made a cover page letting them know how much I love them, because I do. Then the Post It notes. I bought vibrant colored ones. Put some special, personal notes together december 011and added those to some of the pages.  Then I thought what is a cookbook without a DVD so I added “Chef” to it. december 010 Great movie for any foodie out there! That made it complete!!

Christmas Eve came and I gave them their gifts. I am pretty sure they enjoyed receiving this gift made with love. I know I had quite fun putting it together. Definitely as much as spending time in my kitchen making the food they love.

Not sure if I could top this gift ever. I guess I have to keep spending time in my kitchen, making different recipes that they will love to add to this cookbook. I think that they will agree!!

There is nothing more important in our family than food, conversation, more food, laughs, some sweets, more laughter, more food and sweets and lots of love. We will have to see if I can top this gift next year. In the meantime I will definitely maintain that “Tradition in my Kitchen!!”

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