Ice Cream Cake


Ice Cream Cakes are so easy to make.  I used to buy them at Dairy Queen or Cold Stone Creamery.  When I discovered I could make these cakes taste even better than an ice cream place, that made us a happier family. 🙂 I would recommend making the cake the night before you need it.  I use a springform pan.  You could also use an 8×8 cake pan.

What kind of crust do you want?  Most like the Oreo crust.  You can use any cookie you want but I will give you the Oreo recipe.

To start; put your ice cream in the refrigerator to soften while you are preparing the crumb mixture.

Crumb Mixture
20-24 Oreos
1/4 cup of melted butter

Crush your choice of cookie in a food processor or whatever way you choose.  In a medium sized bowl mix the cookie crumbs and melted butter.  Put the crumb mixture in the bottom of the pan you will be using.  Put in the freezer to set while you are preparing the ice cream.

1/2 gallon of ice cream of your choice.  We love Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream.

You mix the ice cream until it is softened.  Take the crumb mixture out of freezer.  Spoon the softened ice cream over the the crumb mixture.   If you crushed Oreos, put on top of the ice cream.  You can use whatever topping you like; crushed nuts, M&M’s or any type of candy.

After you do above, wrap the springform pan (or whatever you use) in aluminum foil.  Place in freezer overnight or for 4-6 hours. When you take out of freezer, take a knife and go around the cake so you can remove the Springform easier. Personally, I have not made this in a cake pan.  I have always used my Springform cake pan.

When time is up you will want to frost the cake.  I use the following recipe:

1 cup of ice cream of your choice (I used vanilla for this cake, Haagen Dazs, of course)
1 cup of Cool Whip

Frost your ice cream cake.  Cover again with aluminum foil and put back in freezer for 1-2 hours.  After I frosted the cake I put another layer of peanut M&M’s on friday 016

When time is up that take out and enjoy!  You may need to let it sit out for 5 minutes to cut it.  We can’t wait that long. 🙂

It takes time to make this but it doesn’t take long to prepare it.  Waiting for it in the freezer is what takes time.  Really, this is simple and delicious!


One thought on “Ice Cream Cake

    You are one lucky dude! Dawn AND Haagen Dazs!
    “Five” is my all time favorite (I have dreams of it often :D)
    Hats off to you, girl! Not sure I could pull this beauty off.
    Your inventiveness (is that a word?) astounds me!

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