Chicken Wing Pizza – Simple and Delicious

One of Eric’s favorite pizzas is the Chicken Wing Pizza.  I make wings most Fridays.  If I know I am making a pizza I make some extra wings.

Chicken Wing Pizza

April 006

6-8 Spicy Chicken Wings, chopped  (try my recipe if you don’t have one of your own)
Chicken Wing Sauce (I use Sweet Baby Ray’s or Frank’s Original HotSauce, depends on what we are in the mood for that evening)
Mozzeralla Cheese (we use other cheeses too.  Sometimes we use Pepper Jack)


1.  Spread sauce over pizza doughApril 004
2.  Put wings on top of sauceApril 007
3.  Spread the cheeseApril 008 (OOPS!!  I forgot to take a pic of the pizza baked. Sorry about that. Next time I will do that for you.)  🙂

4. Bake at 475 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

That’s it.  Simple and Delicious pizza.  Enjoy!!

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