Potato Kufteh – Bulgarian and Shopska Salata

Martin loves these ‘potato pancakes’ or potato kufteh as they are called in Bulgaria.  We have made these several times in the last 10 years.  We keep trying to get the recipe as close to his grandma’s kitchen as we can.  I think we got a little closer tonight.  Of course, nothing is as wonderful as how grandma makes it.  Even so, you will enjoy having this “simple and delicious” recipe on your table.


Potato Kufteh

May 005

2 1/2 pounds russet potatoes, quartered and boil until done (you can use red potatoes too)
1/3 cup green onion, chopped
3/4 cup crumbled feta
1 egg
3 Tablespoons plain yogurt
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon chubritsa (I used ground chubritsa. If you use unground herb I would add 1 teaspoon.  You could also use oregano or savory.)
1 teaspoon fresh chopped parsley
1 teaspoon fresh chopped dill
1 cup flour (place in bowl)
Vegetable oil (for skillet to fry kufteh)

1.  Boil  the potatoes until soft.  Drain and be sure they are dry.
2.  Add all other ingredients.
3.  Mix with a fork until blended.  Do not over mix.
4.  Take 1/4 cup and make into burger shape.  Should be about 2-3 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick.
5.  Take potato patty and dip into flour
6.  Using non stick skillet, add 2-4 Tablespoons of oil (the bottom of frying pan should be covered with oil) over medium heat
7.  Put potato patties in skillet and brown on both sides.  3-4 minutes each side.   When oil absorbs, add more. (I clean out with papertowel when I need to add more oil.)  In order to get the golden brown potato, you need oil.121513 002 121513 003
8.  Voila – all done and delicious!

The perfect accompaniment to go with the potato kufteh is the shopska salad.  Totally simple and again delicious. Enjoy these delicious potato patties!!

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