Why you should start a blog :)

Today was a wonderful day.  First thing, I got a text from Eric this morning.  He said he was making sauce. Along with the text was a photo of his laptop with my blog beaming from it along with some chopped onions in front of it. july 033  That made my day. 🙂

I started this blog because I was making pizzas for my family.  Martin and my friend Jill (from Atlanta) kept telling me to do a blog.  I thought they were crazy.  It ended up being a diary for my kids with family recipes along with many, many other recipes.  For Christmas 2014 I made “cookbooks” out of my blog recipes for the kids.  I chose recipes out of my blog that were traditional recipes for our family and ones I knew they enjoyed through the years.  I wanted them to have the love of my “kitchen madness” online and in a notebook in their own kitchens.  I believe I succeeded in sharing my love of food with each of them. Here is why;

Today, Eric sent me texts throughout the morning while I was at work.  The best one he sent was when he said his home “starting to smell like home”.  july 034 How awesome is that?! I knew exactly what he meant. I often have memories of my childhood in my home with the scents of what I cook in my kitchen today.  Especially, when I cook sauce (I think it’s the garlic). 🙂 Times in my kitchen will bring back Sunday memories at my childhood home or at my grandparents home.  The powerful scent of food and those very special days. My mom in the kitchen, all of my family at the kitchen table having a wonderful dinner, being at Grandpa Caruso’s with all my aunts,uncles and cousins.  They sure were special days that I can appreciate now.  I sure didn’t back then!!  By the way, Eric was happy with the end result of his sauce and had a delicious lunch!!

Then this afternoon I received a phone call from Martin2.  He said he called to say hi but mostly he wanted to let me know how much he enjoyed my blog. He thinks it is awesome how I share the recipes of our home and how he can check them out any time he wants. (He is living and working in Door County for the summer.)  He was heading into work and was bringing with him the Tarator (cold cucumber soup) he made this morning.  He made this recipe to share with his coworkers. How special is that!   He mentioned there is a Bulgarian coworker that he especially wanted to share this soup with.  He wanted to see what she thought of this recipe.  I have made Tarator many, many times in our home.  I will be curious to see what she thinks and take any advice she can give to make it more authentic to the Bulgarian way.  🙂

As I am typing away I received a text from Martin.  He was making Calamari for Martin2 for dinner.  He made a marinade for the Calamari and sent me a pic.July 001   He was very excited to make something he has never done before. (and looking forward to Martin2 coming home for a day!).  I thought it was ironic as I am sharing my thoughts on my blog that he ended up texting a pic of his dinner.  Once again a reminder of how much love we put in our food for each other.  I mentioned to him that Martin2 called earlier about my blog.  His reply was a perfect ending to the start of a wonderful day.  July 002

I never, ever thought this silly blog would end up meaning so much to my family.  It is so nice to see (especially all in one day, from the start to the end) that it truly does have meaning and shows my family how special they are to me and how much I love every single one of them.  Am I lucky or what?!

IMG_4261Kent and I june 018Lily and Paige june 017 Eric and Rachel june 021Martin and Martin2 july 008 and last but not least Roonster!


2 thoughts on “Why you should start a blog :)

  1. I am so proud of you! Knew you’d be fabulous at sharing your delicious recipes with humor, heart and simplistic instructions that would make anyone feel like they, too could be a Faux Chef. Especially love your inclusion of family gatherings, stories, favorite recipes and photos.

    Much love and admiration, my friend!

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