I am all about FAMILY and food

(My Birthday 2017 with my wonderful family)

Family, great friends, awesome food and what else matters!

Not much more to say about me.  I love my family and I love to make any kind of food they want to throw at me.  Fridays and Sundays are our family days.  We have a great time chatting and enjoy chowing down on all different kinds of foods.  I take requests from each of them and make whatever they want through the weekend.  We generally have home made pizzas on Fridays and Sundays are whatever requests I get from the crew.   I started this blog  having Pizza Fridays by doing 50 States, 50 Pizzas.  I continue it with many other recipes that are simple and delicious.

I love my kitchen!  I cook, bake and do whatever I can do to extend my vacation in the kitchen. Being in my kitchen is a huge stress reliever for me.   The bonus is to see and hear the joy (or maybe not so much joy at my unsuccessful dishes) from my family which gives me the motivation to do much more.  Boring huh?!  Well not for me!!

IMG_1066(June 2019.  Still the one!)

Why don’t you join me and my wonderful family for this “Simple and Delicious” ride?! 🙂  Cheers!!

IMG_5451My wonderful Mom and brothers march 018and Dad.  We lost Dad April 12, 2016.  We lost Mom May 11, 2017.  Will love and miss my parents always and forever. Not planning on removing these pics that is for sure!

12 thoughts on “I am all about FAMILY and food

  1. FC45 (Faux Chef for Five)
    You are a Rock Star! I’m sooo proud of you!! You absolutley inspire me to be a better friend, wife, mother and cook. You are ten million miles from boring! I call “shotgun” on this adventurous journey. Can’t wait to see where we’ll go and what we’ll see along the way. Remember….getting there is half the fun! HAPPY VACATION!!!

    • Thanks for your support! We will see how this blog evolves 🙂 The cooking and baking I do are very simple. I want to be more adventurous in my kitchen and I am sure you will help me travel down that road!!

  2. Now I am so hungry. Looking forward to reading about your journey to taste around the world. My kinda of vacation 🙂 Happy Chef-ing!

  3. RE: KY, Was there any sauce involved or just the rosemary & garlic infused oil? Thinking pesto might be an interesting option.

    RE: LA, Double the crust….double the YUM, no matter what the other ingredients. Looks heavenly!

    Funny how ALL kids (no matter how old) suddenly remember their “home” address when their favorite meals are being served! Some things (THANKFULLY) never change. LOL 🙂

  4. I love your website!! I’m a friend of Martin’s from the store, just an FYI. 🙂 I personally hate to cook because I have a family of 7, 4 autistic children who all have food sensory issues, and my oldest daughter hates red meat. My hubby hates veggies, unless it’s green beans or corn…. and not even fresh! But you remind me so much of my mom, she loved to cook and would whip up these grande dinners (we were a family of 3) and the parties she would throw, just so she could cook!! You actually look a little like my mom. I hope with following your blog, that I can learn to love to cook – or at least tolerate it. LOL I love using my crockpot, but still, not everyone eats the same thing. I find that I’m cooking 4 different things just to please my children.
    Say HI to Martin for me… not sure when I’ll get back into the store!

    • Mimi, Thanks for the kind words. A family of 7! You are one busy lady. If I can think of any shortcuts I will post them for you. You have quite a range of tastes in your home. I have always had that problem. My kids are 21 (Kyle and Martin), 19 (Eric). I have always made more than one dish to accommodate the different tastes. I still, to this day make more dishes. I absolutely love to do it though. The older I get 😦 the more I like to try different recipes. Hopefully, I can post some ideas for you. You are so lucky to have your hubby and 5 wonderful children. Maybe we can come up with some dishes they will all enjoy!

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